Gendai Reiki-ho Curriculum​

All curricula use a certified manual published by the Gendai Reiki Association.

The Gendai Reiki-ho follows the tradition of Mikao Usui, with face-to-face seminars and energy transmissions only.

photo: © Sigel Leicht

現代レイキ セッション

photo: © Sigel Leicht

Level 1 | Shoden – Basics


Level 2 | Okuden – The step up in the healing ability

For those who have completed Gendai Reiki Level 1 & 21 days self-healing period and wish to further develop their healing abilities acquired at Level 1. Please let me know if you have learnt Level 1 in another Reiki group, as you are required to hold Gendai Reiki Level 1 before you take the course, basically.

Level 3 | Shinpiden – Spiritual Development

For those who have completed Gendai Reiki Level 2 and wish to follow a path of spiritual development and a creative way of life

Level 4 | Gokuikaiden - The Way to Become a Reiki Master

For those who have completed Gendai Reiki Level 3 and wish to deepen the practice and  expand the circle of Reiki light as a Reiki Master or Teacher

Gendai Reiki Face-to-Face Healing Sessions

90-minute Direct Session

The special healing experience with Reiki Hands directly 

Gendai Reiki Distant Healing Session

90-minute Distant Session

Distant session to send Reiki energy remotely to you

Reiki Meeting

Monthly Meeting

A practical study group for Reiki practitioners and those who wish to learn Reiki.
It includes the practice of the traditional techniques that have been handed down from the time of Mikao Usui to the present day, group Reiki healing, and a variety of other flexible elements that can only be experienced in the community.

For those who have already learned Reiki
The real learning begins after the energy transmission. In addition to your daily self-practice, you can learn with other Reiki practitioners, experiences and realizations that you cannot experience alone.

If you are interested in learning Reiki 
The Reiki-ho will give you a new experience of receiving the vibrations of love from the universe.


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